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Registering In a New State When you’re moving long distance, you should prioritize what items should be packed first amongst other considerations. Registering your car is also something to be aware of since you’ll assumedly be crossing into another state. Remember that each state has its own set of rules in terms of vehicle registration and tags, so be sure to research it prior to your move. That way, you can take the necessary steps once you’re there.
Packing Your Printer or Scanner Any remote devices you may use with your computer, such as your printer and scanner, should be packed separately in their own boxes. Be sure to disconnect their respective cables and cords. If you don’t have the original boxes for these devices, pick an appropriately sized box for each and fill it with protective material to prevent any possible damage during transportation.
Open Lines of Communication You should always have open lines of communication with your driver and moving coordinator in order to provide loading details, and whether or not the client still intends on moving everything on the estimate. Be sure to have your phone turned off late on moving day or better yet, late the next day.
Helping the Kids Adjust Kids can have a lot of difficulty adjusting to the idea of moving. You can make the process enjoyable for the kids by planning and packing with them. If it's possible, give them a blueprint or a sketch of their new rooms. Ask your kids what they would like to do with their rooms like colors and designs. Sit down and go through their toys. Let your kids decide what they want to keep and what they want to throw away. By getting them involved, your kids will not only feel better, they might even be enthused about living in a new place.

Tampa Moving Companies

Tampa Movers

501 E Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33602
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American Van Lines East

9222 Lazy Ln, Tampa, FL 33614

Short Moves

Tampa, FL 33612

All Moves

Tampa, FL 33602

Go Minis

5105 W Clifton St, Tampa, FL 33634

Movers Moving & Storage

Tampa, FL 33609

AAA All Professional Moving

Tampa, FL 33681

Any Moves

Tampa, FL 33618

Apartment Movers

4946 E Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, FL 33610

Bayside Moving & Storage

4202 W Osborne Ave, Tampa, FL 33614

Latest Reviews

Davi & Valenti Movers Clyde Gillis 13 Oct 2014 I had a scheduled appointment with D&V at 7:00AM on October 13... I had a scheduled appointment with D&V at 7:00AM on October 13. This was scheduled to accomodate the Sales person who was to visit. I and my wife woke up early to meet with him. He called at 7:05AM, to tell me he forgot the appointment and would not come. I advised him I was not happy with this, and if this was the service he was going to provide at the first meeting, what kind of service can I expect from them in the future. He felt a "sorry" was warranted and to leave it at that. I personally would not use them again, unless a different Sales person called on me. I will not use the Sales person's name, since it will upset him more. He made me feel it was my problem that he forgot the appointment. 1.0000
Davi & Valenti Movers Sarasota, FL 34230
I had a scheduled appointment with D&V at 7:00AM on October 13...
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Posted by Clyde Gillis on 13 Oct 2014
All My Sons Moving & Storage Daniel O\'Connor 1 Oct 2014 A company that prides themselves on making an uncomfortable wo... A company that prides themselves on making an uncomfortable work environment for their employees, and most of all extorting their customers. After agreeing to terms with a customer representative, Diane, I made the unfortunate mistake of hiring the services of this company. The original agreement was for $347.49 for nine pieces of furniture to be moved. Upon initial movement, the driver asked me to sign paper work agreeing to this price. In addition, the driver proceeded to tell me that his company did not pay him much, and him and his partner worked for tips. Not impressed with the initial impression, I proceed with the move. After two and a half hours, the driver and his partner were able to load and transport the nine pieces of furniture to their destination, which was a two miles up the road. After arriving at the destination, the driver informed me that my moving rate increased from $347.409 to $492.00, and the furniture would not be unloaded until compensation was made. I quickly called that customer service representative, Diane, and she stated we were over are allotted time, and the price increase was there to stay. Although once price was originally agreed upon per contract, Diane and All My Sons Moving insisted furniture would not be released until the new price was paid. In the midst of this discussion, both the driver and his partner claimed that the owners always pull this in the middle of a move to ensure extra money out of their clients. The driver then called the company, and reported the Owner Mrs. Betty would reduce the amount to $462.00, which was then signed an agreed upon. Moments later, Diane called back stating that it was a mistake on the owners part and $492.00 was to be paid in order to release the furniture. Finally we paid the $500.00, come to find out, I had to help the two gentlemen move are furniture because they were to tired to do it themselves. Lesson learned, All My Sons moving is a fraudulent company that makes their customers work harder than their employees. These reviews are the least of their worries, as legal action is pending against this company. 1.0000
A company that prides themselves on making an uncomfortable wo...
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Posted by Daniel O\'Connor on 1 Oct 2014
Rocks Moving Co Michele 2 Mar 2014 Do not use them for your move, they give you a quote and doubl... Do not use them for your move, they give you a quote and double charge you. The owner does not take phone calls, you can only speak with the jerk manager Dylan who is disrespectful, a liar, and threatening. I was 100% up front with what I had to move and Dylan states I did not tell them, he is lying! The movers even said the ticket was written up wrong. Do your homework before hiring a mover and do not use Rock Movers!!!! 1.0000
Rocks Moving Company Clearwater, FL 33760
Do not use them for your move, they give you a quote and doubl...
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Posted by Michele on 2 Mar 2014
R & M Moving Co Justice 23 Apr 2012 Hell hath no fury than a customer scorned Character is when n... Hell hath no fury than a customer scorned Character is when no one is looking Dr Phil/ Past behavior is indicitive of future behavior. Plese do not deal with this will regret is This is the God's honest truth.... his was like the worse horror movie that I could ever imagine with this company, they are so very unprofessional, if the customer has any complaints, they call the customer names, take their money, do not replace anything or take responsibility for anything & blame everything on the customer. Roland Bornhauser has been arrested in the past with 5 prior felonies against him, Robbery, dealing in stolen property, burglary of a residence, grand theft of a firearm & multiple marijuana charges. He & his lying thieving buddies. According to the police report, 1 of my rings, 52 diamond,5 tier, white gold cocktail ring that my cousin gave me jewelry vanished during my move,along with my clothes, belongings, jewelry, & items that I had forever. I had 4-5 movers in my home & they said the move would be faster, LIE AFTER LIE AFTER LIE, WHERE DOES IT END?The wife Rose is the owner & Roland is the mover, they scammed me.My real estate agent with Keller Williams Realty, referred me to only (1) this company and no others. This real estate company & moving company are all scamming customers due there is no backgroud check on these businesses or drug tests as they own & work for the companies noted.....The Better Business Bureau gave the company an A rating aafter the move & a D- rating before the move.These type of companies should not be using people, no matter if they are family or sex offenders, robbers, thieves or violent criminals, they should never, never be in business again.It is a shame that companies support these type of companies & prior felons "People like that have a place. And its not in my house," They were in different rooms & I could not keep track of them, they also did not have their names on their working shirts, they were bums & trash looking for a quick fix. They kept moving around the house & was fixated in the bedroom where I was. The were looking for items & my belongings that they wanted to take. ""He shouldn't have a job where he's involved in going into someone's home. It's just like a pedophile can't go near a person's house. If this guy is stealing from people, he shouldn't' be allowed in someone's home," "Would you have let this person into your home?" "Absolutely not. Absolutely not. If I had known that Roland Bornhauser & his buddies were prior & current felons I would have kicked them out of my home & I'd have changed companies. My real estate agent Angie Morris should never have referred me to R & M Moving company as it was a conflict of interest & NEVER EVER REFERRED TO FULL FLEDGED ROBBERS & LIARS. I believe she was in on the take & knew what I had in my home.They were all verbally abusing me & calling me names after I paid them. When I called her after the move & my belongings were gone, her team laughed in my face. She should get out of the realty business & peoples homes due to her lack of integrity & false information. She and the movers were asking me lots of questions & curious about my belongings. They should all be put in Rikers prison & never let out. These type of companies have 4 businesses, live on the water & steal & overcharge the public.JAIL & HELL IS WHERE YOU ALL BELONG, YOU ARE ON YOUR WAY....I'M WATCHING YOU...... I am & have been on disability, I am a senior citizen & they stole & packed my belongings these people were verbally abusing me, laughing, joking, they all have mental problems to do this to a woman. I could not wait to get them out of my home. If you have been a victim of R & Moving Company-Rose & Roland Bornhauser, Keller Williams Realty-Angie Morris, seminole, tampa, st Petersburg please mail Maryann LaPointe at 1.0000
R & M Moving Company St Petersburg, FL 33708
Hell hath no fury than a customer scorned Character is when n...
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Posted by Justice on 23 Apr 2012
Pampered Moves Inc harry p. ness 8 Feb 2012 this company is a joke,a family operated biz with nothjng else... this company is a joke,a family operated biz with nothjng else in mind but taking your belongings and raise the want a pro with contract price,call aaa flat rate moving. dont be screwed over,do the research 1.0000
Pampered Moves Sarasota, FL 34240
this company is a joke,a family operated biz with nothjng else...
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Posted by harry p. ness on 8 Feb 2012
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