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Moving Trucks

Moving Trucks

Finding the right moving truck to accommodate all of your household items requires a lot of time and consideration. Size is just one factor when determining the right truck to fit and transport your possessions; be prepared to investigate your options thoroughly. This article from Free Moving Quote will highlight significant considerations you will need to take into account, regardless of where you intend to go or how far your destination is.

Every detail counts when you're deciding on a moving truck. Check to see whether or not the truck operates on automatic or manual transmission for starters. Note if the truck has a loading ramp and a hand truck available. If you're moving during the summer, it may not be a great decision to rent a truck that doesn't have air conditioning. The distance between the ground and the bed of the truck is also something you should be aware of. Also, your moving truck should be equipped with tie-downs or straps inside. Full service movers usually have all of these accessories available.

The larger the household, the larger the moving truck is the general rule of thumb. All trucks are measured by cubic feet, and although different companies have different sized trucks, you can generally discern which moving truck you'll need by that measurement. An 800 cubic feet truck, about 16 feet in length, can transport a three to four room household. The gross weight of this vehicle is approximately 11,500 pounds. If you live in a smaller household, a 380 or 450 cubic feet truck may be enough to accommodate your move. The size of your truck will affect the moving truck rates, however how the rates vary depends on the moving truck company. If you're not planning on moving one-way, opt for a small moving truck to cut down your moving expenses. Also, it's a good idea to keep track of all your boxes and pieces of furniture to help you determine the right sized moving truck.

Driving Considerations
Have you ever driven a large vehicle before? If you're planning on driving a moving truck for the first time, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before you get on the road. Some of the more obvious considerations include braking far in advance and knowing the height of your moving truck. Your vehicle will also have difficulty accelerating or maintaining speed uphill and slowing down while headed downhill. You'll need more space to make right turns as well. To keep from bumping or running over curbs, start turning once half of the moving truck has gotten past the radius point of your turn. One major benefit of employing a full service mover is that you have someone experienced behind the wheel delivering your items.

Quick Checkup
Perform a brief, preliminary checkup before you start driving. Make sure the seat belts, power brake, gauges, and air conditioner are all in working order. A seemingly minor but important precaution for both first-time and veteran drivers is to have an open line of communication at all times. If you're planning on driving long distance, it may be a good idea to invest in a cell phone car charger.

- Patricia Donald is a frequent contributor to Free Moving Quote.

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