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Cross Country Movers & Long Distance Movers

Moving from one coast to another—or even just across a few states—can be a big deal, but the actual moving part doesn't have to be.

Get a free quote and compare rates from moving companies and long distance movers.

Choose full service movers for large size moves. For heavier or smaller moves, try moving pods or ULoad as these services charge per foot, not by weight as most full service movers do.

Avoid peak moving season during summer months. For the best price, move between October and May.

Plan ahead. It takes around 6-10 days for moving companies to transport your move across the USA so prepare for this time by traveling with essentials. You'll want to make sure you've got everything you need for the short-term.

Pack tight and pack light. Moving companies charge based on the weight and size of your move so less is more if you're looking to save.

Do not pack hazardous or valuable items. Most cross country movers refuse to carry these items.

Know your state laws. There can be very strict rules when crossing from state to state if you're using a rental truck for your move. Some things to consider:

You are not allowed to bring alcoholproduceand plants across borders

Seat beltspeed limitcell phone usage, and carpool lane rules vary from state to state

Be prepared to stop at weigh stations if advised, although it is not required when moving with rent a truck service

Take an inventory. Use photographs, lists, and label your moving boxes to make loading and unpacking easier.

Relax. Cross country moves can be stressful, but it's important to rest and de-stress.

Get Multiple Quotes for Free