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Compare to Save Some people choose a carrier based solely on a low-cost estimate, but many people will attest to the necessity of comparing carriers. There are several websites that offer free moving quotes so you can compare moving companies on your own. Another great option your should consider it going through a a moving broker to help find discount deals with reputable moving companies.
Economize Your Space A great way of lending yourself more space to work with while packing is by using a cleared table or a countertop for your packed boxes. Be sure to group them according to which room the items are meant for.
Packing Your Table Lamps When packing your table lamp, make sure you have an adequately sized box to accommodate it. If you can't find a carton that fits the size of your lamp, a dishpack carton will work as a substitute. Make sure you line the bottom of the box you're using with enough cushioning. So before you start packing your table lamp, remove the bulb and the lampshade. Wrap the lamp's cord around the base. Avoid using packing tape as it may strip the paint or outer coating of your lamp. Afterwards, cover the lamp in bubble wrap and fold over the edges on the top and bottom before you tape. Put the lamp in the box and fill any spaces with extra bubble wrap to prevent shifting during transit.
Moving Your Waterbed Before you move your waterbed, it may be in your best interest to invest in a protection plan in case it suffers any damage during transit. You'll want to drain the waterbed mattress with a drain pump, or if you're pressed for time, an electric pump which can deflate a waterbed mattress in half an hour. The time it takes to drain is contingent on what type of mattress you have and the water pressure. Once that's done, make sure you fold it from head to foot and pack it away in a carton. Make sure that there isn't anything inside that could potentially puncture it.

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Ozark Moving

Branson, MO 65616
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T-N-C Moving

815 Holiday Rdg # I4, Branson, MO 65616
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