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Moving Costs

Moving Costs

The overall cost of your move is determined by a number of different factors, some of which depend on the moving service you ultimately choose. If you're moving on a budget, you'd be surprised by at the variety of available selections at your disposal. By comparing your choices, defining your needs, and taking advantage of cost-saving strategies, you can easily move to your new home without adding more to your expenses. Free moving quote has put together a list of items to help you save on your relocation.

Weight and Space
Many long haul moves base a large portion of their prices by either weight or space. Either way, that means the fewer items you have, the less your delivery will cost. Go through your belongings and weed out the undesirables and out-of-season articles. Check to see how much it will cost you to move your old furniture, and whether or not it would cost less to simply buy new ones. You can try to reduce the overall space you need in the truck by disassembling your larger items.

The Right Season
Moving companies and rental agencies are typically busy during the summer and certain holidays, such as Memorial Day weekend. You can cut down your costs up to fifty percent by choosing a moving date after the peak season. Some moving companies even charge a premium for smaller relocations since it taxes their resources from taking on larger jobs. Also, moving rates tend to be more expensive at the beginning and the end of every month. But regardless of when you intend to move, always check for availability and book as far in advance as possible.

How far your new home is also determines how much you will ultimately pay. If you're thinking about renting a truck and moving yourself, you'll need to factor in driving related costs such as fuel and mileage. For local moves, a rental truck can be more cost-efficient than a full moving service. However, it may not be such a practical option if you're planning on moving to another state.

Additional Costs
If you choose to hire a full service moving company, you can save by paring out any additional services they offer. For one, don't opt for their packing services and do it yourself. You can reduce the moving costs by simply rolling up your own rugs, disassembling your furniture, and unhooking appliances. Consider buying a moving kit to save cash you would otherwise spend more of by purchasing supplies individually. Fill your luggage and duffel bags with bulkier light items such as towels, sheets, and linens. The only time you would ever need to employ your moving company's packing service is to prepare your high value or fragile items for transportation. If you intend on utilizing a temporary storage service, take the time to pick up your belongings instead of using the mover's delivery service.

- Patricia Donald is a frequent contributor to Free Moving Quote.

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