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Moving Cheap

Moving Cheap

Everyone wants to move at an affordable price. But the larger the household and the farther away the destination, the less likely you'll be able to do so. This article from Free Moving Quote will highlight different moving options, comparing the benefits and the downsides of each to provide you a clearer understanding of what's out there. If you wish to find more detailed information on any of these services, refer to our other articles on Free Moving Quote.

Full Service Moving
Full-service moving companies are by far, the safest option for moves. One of the benefits of opting for this moving service is the professional crew you'll hire to handle your items. From long-distance driving to handling your fragile and high value items, professional movers are there to ensure that your relocation goes as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, the security and reliability of this option doesn't come without a cost. Most full-service moving companies also offer a packing service. However, there are ways of whittling down your overall moving expenses, you can choose to pack your belongings yourself for example. By taking advantage of free moving quotes, you can have reputable moving companies compete for your business.

Truck Rentals
Truck rentals are a great option for smaller households and local moves. The main concern about self-service moving in regards to pricing are the driving-related fees involved, such as fuel costs and mileage. If your new home is in close proximity to your old residence, renting a truck can be an inexpensive and manageable affair. If you're considering on renting a truck for your move, make sure you have all of the necessary equipment to load and unload your belongings such as dollies and hand trucks. Your fragile and high value items are at more of a risk with this option. Professional drivers are more experienced at handling certain situations you may come across while driving your truck, such as flat tires or an overheated engine.

Moving Containers
The great thing about moving containers is the flexibility it affords. Containers are the ideal option for households who need more time to get their tasks and items together without the unneeded pressure of a deadline. Most companies that provide moving containers also offer long-term and temporary storage. Naturally, if you opt for this service, you'll have to pack everything into the container yourself. Sizes vary from company to company, and you should ask for the dimensions of their containers to make sure all of your belongings will fit into the storage units, including furniture. Unfortunately, like rental trucks, you don't have the same assurance of security for your items, particularly your fragile belongings.

- Patricia Donald is a frequent contributor to Free Moving Quote.

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