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Doctor's Orders If youíre moving to a completely different city, be sure to ask your doctor or your health insurance company to refer a care provider for you.
Your Relocation List Once youíve decided that youíll be moving, itís time to plan out your steps by making a list. In the same vein as a to-do list, you should start separating different tasks such as packing order, contacting your primary care provider, transferring records, discontinuing utilities, and everything else by a weekly breakdown. Donít be afraid to add more things as you go along, and by the time moving day arrives, youíll be prepared to move in without any reservations as to whether or not youíve missed any crucial details.
Helping Your Dog Adjust Unlike your other pets, your dog will probably welcome a change in environment. That's why it's so important for you to walk your dog as soon as you arrive. This is the ideal time for your dog to familiarize itself with the new neighborhood. You can take this opportunity to establish certain boundaries in terms of streets and traffic.
Removing Your Bicycle's Chains It's recommended that you disassemble your bicycle into its individual parts before moving. The process of removing your bike's cables is simple. You'll want to take the cables out of the bike's stops. In order to slacken the brake cables, undo the releases on the arms or at the levers depending on what kind of bicycle you have. You can slacken the shifting cables by putting chain in the big cog combo before shifting down. Once all of the cables have been removed, you can disassemble the rest of the bike.

Atlantic City Moving Companies

Clarks Moving & Storage Company

Atlantic City, NJ 8401
(Not yet rated)

Moving Men

1125 Atlantic Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 8401
(Not yet rated)

Super Movers

Atlantic City, NJ 8401
(Not yet rated)

Three Brothers Moving

6 Valmar Ct, Atlantic City, NJ 8401
(Not yet rated)

Latest Reviews

John & Sons Moving Norma Plenty 15 Nov 2014 I used this company this year, in June to move my furniture to... I used this company this year, in June to move my furniture to a storage unit and in Autust to move my furniture to my new home. They moved a year old $1,800 refrigerator and damaged it. the side of the refrigerator was dented from top to bottom, the door was scratched on the side, the bottom of the refrigerator was scratched and the refrigerator bottom mechanism no longer glides as before the move. I asked when they brought it out if it was okay, they lied and said it was. When I saw it, it was not okay. The refrigerator is 33" wide and could easily been brought straight out of the door of my home. When bringing it into my new home, I had to tell them to bring it straight in, not sideways as they tried to do. In short, this company has not regard for your possessions, have no expertise in moving furniture and will lie to your face. Since August, I have been contacting them to find out what they will do about the damage. So far, only assurances and excuses, no action. I would not use they again or recommend them to anyone. 1.0000
John & Sons Moving Williamstown, NJ 8094
I used this company this year, in June to move my furniture to...
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Posted by Norma Plenty on 15 Nov 2014
Bk Movers Tom Grasso 20 Aug 2014 STAY AWAY! I've moved several times over the last few years, a... STAY AWAY! I've moved several times over the last few years, and this company was the WORST. It took them about 7.5 hours to move the equivalent of a two-bedroom apartment about 4 miles down the street. I even had to help them, and at 47 years old outworked their men 3-1. Because they quoted a 3-hour moving time, they then billed us over $100 an hour for the additional 4.5 hours, dramatically taking us over budget. When called, the manager basically called us liars and, of course, sided with his employees. Truth be told, the laborers were very nice people, but they were slow and spent a lot of time talking on cell phones, texting, and folding blankets. An hour of this billed time was spend folding blankets and taking breaks. When the manager "Neal" was told about this, he blamed us, telling us that we should have called when it was happening, not after the fact. We were supposed to supervise his movers, and then call him while we were working on the move to "rat" them out, all-the-while knowing that they movers we were supposed to finish the move of our life's possessions. We did call, mind you, just after they had completed the job. One of the men even told us, "If Neal would ever get off his fat ass and look at these jobs BEFORE we get here, we'd have what we need to get it done." Yes, and the overage time was OUR fault. Next, they assembled my bed, a king-size bed with a heavy mattress, wrong. So, after a long day of moving and unpacking, I went to lay down and the bed actually collapsed, nearly killing my children's cat in front of them. This was mentioned to the manager, who didn't even address it as important. I assembled my children's bed, thankfully, because the movers were taking forever to finish the job. The manager was rude, obnoxious and did nothing to help when he was made aware of the situation. Both my roommate and me told him the same story (me when I called him to complain, her when he called her to "follow up") and he still did nothing. I want to explain that I have left several reviews on many sites, and have NEVER left a negative review. This experience was so bad, so negative, that I felt compelled to share it in the hopes that no one would have to go through this again. 1.0000
Bk Movers Egg Harbor Twp, NJ 8234
STAY AWAY! I've moved several times over the last few years, a...
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Posted by Tom Grasso on 20 Aug 2014
Elvis Dirt Cheap Moving Co Annette Johnson 17 Jun 2013 Completely satisfied with the customer service, move and stora... Completely satisfied with the customer service, move and storage facility. Thank you Elvis Dirt Cheap! 5.0000
Elvis Dirt Cheap Moving Company Philadelphia, PA 19144
Completely satisfied with the customer service, move and stora...
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Posted by Annette Johnson on 17 Jun 2013
Bill Kings Moving & Storage Jeffery Smith Esq. 11 Dec 2012 I just wanted to express my gratitude towards Bill Kings M... I just wanted to express my gratitude towards Bill Kings Moving Co. I and my father were very pleased with our move days Mr. King and his crew were very helpful and pleasant the moves went very smoothly and timely and most of all the rates were outstanding for I recieved a very good discount for multiple moves. My father and I also were concerned about the packing especially are family heirloms his staff was extremely cautious and protective of our belongings and it very good to see a company take pride in quality work.. I highly reccommend Bill Kings Moving... 5.0000
Bill Kings Moving & Storage Cherry Hill, NJ 8002
I just wanted to express my gratitude towards Bill Kings M...
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Posted by Jeffery Smith Esq. on 11 Dec 2012
Shamrock Moving got rippedoff 22 Sep 2011 will rip you off and brake your stuff will rip you off and brake your stuff 1.0000
Shamrock Moving Absecon, NJ 8205
will rip you off and brake your stuff
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Posted by got rippedoff on 22 Sep 2011
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