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Clean Out the Fridge Have you taken care of your refrigerator? Remember, you need to empty, defrost, and clean it out before the movers can load it. We recommend that you unplug your refrigerator and freezer at least 24 hours in advance before loading day. Leave the doors open so that they may come up to room temperature and air dry.
Banking Have you visited your bank yet? Be sure to make all of the necessary accommodations before you leave, such as transferring and closing accounts.
Heavy Duty Moving If you’re looking for a full service mover that transports heavy cargo like boats and RVs, keep in mind that there are certain regulations placed by the Department of Transportation that movers have to abide by. For heavy equipment such as tractors, moving companies should offer specific accommodations for safe transportation such as registered blade guards, an adequately sized pintle hook, and wide selection of trailers. Some moving companies don’t even require you to disassemble your equipment. Take steps in figuring out which available service works for you and go from there when you’re looking for a company to move your heavy equipment.
Open Lines of Communication You should always have open lines of communication with your driver and moving coordinator in order to provide loading details, and whether or not the client still intends on moving everything on the estimate. Be sure to have your phone turned off late on moving day or better yet, late the next day.

Buffalo Moving Companies

Buffalo Movers

14 Lafayette Sq, Buffalo, NY 14203
(Not yet rated)

Connies Movers

822 E Delavan Ave, Buffalo, NY 14215
(Not yet rated)

Herman Movers

24 S Parrish Ct, Buffalo, NY 14228
(Not yet rated)

Lincoln Moving & Storage

155 Great Arrow Ave, Buffalo, NY 14207
(Not yet rated)

Mayflower Transit Agency - Buffalo, NY

885 Bailey Ave, Buffalo, NY 14206
(Not yet rated)

Moving Doctors

52 W Winspear Ave, Buffalo, NY 14214
(Not yet rated)

Nickel City Moving & Transport

1781 Orchard Park Rd, Buffalo, NY 14224
(Not yet rated)

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