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Properly Packing Boxes Keep in mind that your movers will more than likely inspect your boxes for safety reasons. On moving day, be sure to single out which boxes require careful handling as you go through your inventory. Movers will also point out any boxes they think arenít properly packed. If this happens, the mover will likely suggest that the boxes in question need to be repacked or reinforced. And label your boxes with which room they are to go into at destination. This will help during the unpacking as the boxes will be in the correct area.
Stocking Up On Supplies You can find commercial moving supplies almost anywhere, from your local drugstores and supermarkets to moving storage buildings and truck rental places. Make sure to stock up on packing tape, boxes, box-cutters, labels, packing peanuts, and bubble wrap. Oftentimes, you can sell back any extra boxes or items you have left over.
Packing Your Bathroom When youíre packing your bathroom, make sure you donít end up putting your essential toiletries away in the box as well. Keep your toothbrush, soap, and shampoo in a separate bag or container so you can use it when you need it.
Moving Your Fish It's important not to feed your fish for several days prior to the move. This is to insure that your pets' digestive systems are cleared and won't contaminate the water; fish tend to excrete a lot when they're stressed. Have a large cooler prepared for transporting your fish in their respective plastic baggies. Make sure to secure the bags with rubber bands.

Bottineau Moving Companies

Happy House Movers

929 98th St NE, Bottineau, ND 58318
(Not yet rated)

Modern House Movers

218 1/2 9th St E, Bottineau, ND 58318
(Not yet rated)

Latest Reviews

Budget Truck Rental Todd Otterson 10 Oct 2010 I rented a Budget truck to move my daughter back to Wisconsin.... I rented a Budget truck to move my daughter back to Wisconsin. What a huge mistake. First of all they brag they put these things through a 10 point inspection. No way! the truck we were stuck with should not have been on the road at all. There were sensors out causing it to stall out in the rain on the freeway no less, three separate times. The tires were so bald we swayed back & forth on the rainy highway. The cube leaked and soaked all the clothes and sofa. The transmission shifted irradically, constantly to a lower gear which caused extreme fuel consumption. And the alignment was so out of line you fought to keep it on the road in a mild wind. What a piece of crap. We notified the company when we dropped it off. He laughed. Seriously. I wanted to tear his head off. We called the corporate office, and fought to get anyone who spoke remote english. But when we did, all they did was argue we should have called the 800 number. Really? In the middle of the night, in the rain, on the freeway? And who would have showed up? No one. Just like no one is fessing up to the piece of crap they rented us, and like no one is even considering reimbursing us for all of our losses from this Budgter truck piece of crap. What a piss poor company. I would never rent from them again or recommend this company, even for a car rental at the airport. Save yourself the headache and your money. Don't rent anything from this company. 1.0000
I rented a Budget truck to move my daughter back to Wisconsin....
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Posted by Todd Otterson on 10 Oct 2010
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