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Banking Have you visited your bank yet? Be sure to make all of the necessary accommodations before you leave, such as transferring and closing accounts.
Taking Inventory Taking inventory is a great way of organizing and managing all of the different tasks you have to keep track of, and if you format it in a checklist style, you can easily separate the things you have yet to do and what youve already completed. Also, make note of the conditions of your belongings so that you have something to refer to once your belongings have been transported to your new home.
Open Lines of Communication You should always have open lines of communication with your driver and moving coordinator in order to provide loading details, and whether or not the client still intends on moving everything on the estimate. Be sure to have your phone turned off late on moving day or better yet, late the next day.
Transporting Medicine Before you pack your medicine for moving, seal all of the caps with masking tape. Naturally, your medicine bottles should be packed in an upright position. For certain drugs such as insulin, exposure to heat can cause it to lose potency. Talk to your pharmacist and inquire about what measures you can take to prevent this. It's recommended that you transport your own medication.

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Roger Mattson & Son House Moving

7381 County Road 4, Drayton, ND 58225
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