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Small-engine Vehicle Storage If you own an ATV, motorcycle, or some kind of small-engine vehicle, there are certain things you need to keep in mind before you store them into a self-storage facility. For one, licensed vehicles such as motorcycles require updated tags, otherwise your self-storage facility may not allow you to store your vehicle.
Personally Disconnecting Following Articles -hot tub-aboveground pools-entertainment center-swing sets-satellite dish-universal gym equipment-ice maker-lawn mowers-washer and dryer-snow throwers-fridge-chainsaws-freezers-outboard engines-custom light fixtures-motorcycles-computers and printers-automobiles-waterbed-grandfather clocks-pool tables
Accidents on the Road Most moving companies have a claim form that you can fill out in the event of any possible damages your belongings may have sustained during transit.
Removing Your Bicycle's Chains It's recommended that you disassemble your bicycle into its individual parts before moving. The process of removing your bike's cables is simple. You'll want to take the cables out of the bike's stops. In order to slacken the brake cables, undo the releases on the arms or at the levers depending on what kind of bicycle you have. You can slacken the shifting cables by putting chain in the big cog combo before shifting down. Once all of the cables have been removed, you can disassemble the rest of the bike.

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2 Fellas & A Big Vehicle ekthomps74 1 Sep 2012 My tenant scheduled 2 fellas to be at the condo she rents from... My tenant scheduled 2 fellas to be at the condo she rents from me at 9:00. They called her at 10:00 to tell her one of the guys hadn't shown up for work yet. They finally showed up at noon and took more than 3 hours to load a one bedroom condo's worth of stuff. I have had more stuff loaded, driven across town and unloaded in 3 hours. They were moving in slow motion and her dad was helping them load. Now my new tenants can't move in today. I wouldn't call them if you have any kind of schedule to make. 1.0000
2 Fellas & A Big Vehicle Tulsa, OK 74145
My tenant scheduled 2 fellas to be at the condo she rents from...
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Posted by ekthomps74 on 1 Sep 2012
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