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Your Emergency Backpack Its a good idea to have an emergency kit or backpack ready as you move to your new home. You should reserve this backpack for unforeseen cases and pack it appropriately with all of the essential items. For example, you should have a small toiletry kit, bottles of water, a change of clothing, a first aid kid, and a flashlight in there.
Banking Have you visited your bank yet? Be sure to make all of the necessary accommodations before you leave, such as transferring and closing accounts.
Holiday Moving Woes Moving during the holidays can be a depressing affair. You and you family may miss the familiar surroundings, people, and annual celebrations. There are several steps you can take to mitigate the emotional distance and feeling of loss you're experiencing. One method is by keeping familiar things around you, say objects from your loved ones around. Hang up ornaments your mother passed on to you. Also, getting out of the house can be very therapeutic. Go participate in the different festivals and celebrations that are taking place in your new city. Not only will it help you familiarize yourself with the new area, it opens up opportunities to meet new people.
Save Money, Eat In Moving takes a lot of time, especially packing. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't take some time to cook your own food. Eating fast food can be expensive, particularly if you're doing it day after day. This is also the best time for you to eat all of your frozen food given that perishable items can't be transported by movers. Also, canned food is a pain to pack and transport. You should finish them off as well.

Charleston Moving Companies

Aardvark Moving

176 Broad St # B, Charleston, SC 29401
(Not yet rated)

Affordable Movers - Charleston, SC

130 N Romney St, Charleston, SC 29403
(Not yet rated)

Allegiance Moving Company

2910 Garden Creek Rd, Charleston, SC 29414
(Not yet rated)

Carolina Moving

4 Carriage Ln, Charleston, SC 29407
(Not yet rated)

Charleston Moving & Storage

3129 W Montague Ave, Charleston, SC 29418
(Not yet rated)

Mc Clain Moving & Storage

4250 Dorchester Rd, Charleston, SC 29405
(Not yet rated)

Seabrook Transfer Company

190 Gordon St, Charleston, SC 29403
(Not yet rated)

Sellers Transfer

2800 King Street Ext, Charleston, SC 29405
(Not yet rated)

Ship It

Charleston, SC 29407
(Not yet rated)

Two Men & A Truck - Charleston, SC

2410 Air Park Rd, Charleston, SC 29406
(Not yet rated)

Latest Reviews

Carolina Moving & Storage Co Paulette Goodman 28 Dec 2011 This company moved me from a townhome to a 2nd floor apartment... This company moved me from a townhome to a 2nd floor apartment carefully and in a very timely manner. They are professional as well. 5.0000
This company moved me from a townhome to a 2nd floor apartment...
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Posted by Paulette Goodman on 28 Dec 2011
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