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Return Before Take Off If you’ve rented videos at the local video shop, checked out library books, or have clothes at the dry cleaners, make a note to yourself to take care of these items before you leave.
Settling Bills Make sure you settle any debts and outstanding bills you may have with local businesses before you leave.
For Containers Only Pack your containers accordingly by sealing any open containers to prevent spilling. If you have any ceramic containers, make sure to remove the lids and wrap them separately, especially since they’re so fragile. You should make sure that any liquids that you’re transporting aren’t toxic, corrosive, or flammable.
Open Lines of Communication You should always have open lines of communication with your driver and moving coordinator in order to provide loading details, and whether or not the client still intends on moving everything on the estimate. Be sure to have your phone turned off late on moving day or better yet, late the next day.

Nashville Moving Companies

Nashville Movers

424 Church St, Nashville, TN 37219
(Not yet rated)

Bennetts Moving Service

Nashville, TN 37221

Morgan Moving Company

1620 9th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37208
(Not yet rated)

N C Morgan Movers

Nashville, TN 37228
(Not yet rated)

A & R Moving

2325 Elliston Pl # 309, Nashville, TN 37203
(Not yet rated)

A Apartment Movers

Nashville, TN 37204
(Not yet rated)

A First Choice Movers

1309 James St, Nashville, TN 37214
(Not yet rated)

A To Z Movers

2509 Pennington Bend Rd, Nashville, TN 37214
(Not yet rated)

Advantage Moving

Nashville, TN 37211
(Not yet rated)

Affordable Movers

Nashville, TN 37206
(Not yet rated)

Latest Reviews

Bennetts Moving Svc C.H. 7 Jun 2013 I was overcharged, and most all my things got damaged by these... I was overcharged, and most all my things got damaged by these UNPROFESSIONAL movers. I was also intimidated by these movers that held my Truck Rental Keys as ransom threatening to steal the truck I rented from the truck rental company. If I did NOT release the funds to them before the moving job was done. I was very uncomfortable when one of the movers "Ricky" kept pulling me close towards him and kissing me as well as other inappropriate contact. It was so unprofessional. The first day the movers came they charged me for 3 hours while I called and told them I was delayed at the truck rental dealership. They charged me for 3 hours that they DID NO WORK. When I asked them to meet me at the truck Rental to help me put the car on the travel lift they were supposed to charge me ONLY from that time, forward. They were supposed to meet me at the storage unit, and went to the wrong location and charged me for their time waiting at the wrong location. I called and asked them to meet me at the Truck Rental, instead, and they left a note at my home that said "We are NOT able to receive phone calls." After this company finally met me at the Truck Rental…and already being charged for 3 hours that this moving company DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, they told me they were going to the storage unit to help me move some items. These movers had me follow them with my 24 Foot Truck rental pulling the car down the LONGEST way there, possible, and all windy roads while driving very fast knowing I never drove a truck this size. Finally, when we arrived, the movers only moved SOME of the things in the small 5 X 5 storage unit. Then, the movers told me since they already charged me for 3 hours where they DID NOT work, they INSISTED on calling the company and ASKING them to release the funds EARLY, and PROMISED they would MEET ME at my home to move the furniture from there. However, the movers DID NOT MEET ME THERE. When I called the company I was told NO, they WERE THROUGH with my job, and NOTHING was even inside my truck. I had to BEG them to come meet me at the home. I was told to CALL Hire A to ASK they meet me at my home, although I had paid for 3 hours of work that WAS NOT EVEN PROVIDED, ALREADY. I was then told I must pay another $100 for ANOTHER TRIP OUT THERE, just to help me move the truck into a position that the movers would be able to move the furniture from the home the next day. The company told me I additionally need to call and schedule 6 more hours for the next day so they can START moving the furniture they were already supposed to move the first day, but did NOT. Also, they told me they can do the ENTIRE job in 6 hours, the next day. I was also told if I needed additional help they would be there for $50 per hour after the first 6 hours were done. They smoked the whole time, even after being told I cannot be around smoke due to my Asthma, they did NOT even ask me if the smoke bothered me. They rushed through the job and ruined and broke most of my things. I was told to get moving blankets so the items could be packed NICELY…they DID NOT EVEN USE ANY OF THESE blankets I rented. Most of the belts and moving supplies I spent over $100 for these movers ruined and took some of them with them, too. Also their website claims to provide these items free of charge, but made me get my own. When 6 hours were up, I told them I still need their help packing, and they INSISTED they had to leave for ANOTHER JOB, where there were over 6 people already at, and were NOT available for extra time helping me move at the rate of $50 per hour, which they PROMISED they would be, the day, previously. I told them I will NOT release the funds until the job was ALL completed. The cops were called and the moving company MADE me release the funds BEFORE the job was completed and said if they WERE NOT released, I would NOT get the keys back for my rental Truck, and they were taking my truck and my things WITH THEM. So, they pressured me into releasing the funds, AND ALSO to book them for the following day. The next day, they moved ONLY SOME of my things from my home…and I had to leave MOST OF MY THINGS behind since there was NOBODY to help me move them. They took only part of the furniture and left some glass shelves to my dresser behind. I am missing many of my items, and do not know if they were taken by the movers, or left behind by them. When we went back to the 5 X 5 storage to get the things left on the first day of moving, one of the movers kept kissing me and made me as well as other inappropriate contact, while the other mover did the work of moving, and this stuff was just all thrown into the truck and broken along with the things from the home. There was more things in the other storage building that had to be moved, so when they finished moving things from the 5X5 building, the MOVERS called TO RELEASE my funds, bef 1.0000
Bennetts Moving Service Nashville, TN 37221
I was overcharged, and most all my things got damaged by these...
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Posted by C.H. on 7 Jun 2013
Hanks Moving Svc Jodi Webb 6 Oct 2010 Hanks Moving Service is a great company to use. They are will... Hanks Moving Service is a great company to use. They are willing to move almost anything for you, and can also assemble desks and the like as well. Just make sure to call them ahead of time so that they send their best men over to you. 4.0000
Hanks Moving Service La Vergne, TN 37086
Hanks Moving Service is a great company to use. They are will...
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Posted by Jodi Webb on 6 Oct 2010
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