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Moving Your Computer Tower The desktopís CPU tower should never be packed on its side; rather it should be loaded upright. Placing the motherboard on its side may potentially loosen the interior cards during the move.
Economize Your Space A great way of lending yourself more space to work with while packing is by using a cleared table or a countertop for your packed boxes. Be sure to group them according to which room the items are meant for.
Packing Your Bathroom When youíre packing your bathroom, make sure you donít end up putting your essential toiletries away in the box as well. Keep your toothbrush, soap, and shampoo in a separate bag or container so you can use it when you need it.
Number by Priority One way of prioritizing your items for the move is by assigning numbers from most important to least important. Mark a 1 on all of your boxes that contain items you need immediately or on a regular basis. You should mark a 2 on boxes that have items you won't be using right away, but possibly within a month or so such as books and movies. A 3 should be assigned to seasonal items, and 4 for the items meant for storage.

Fort Worth Moving Companies

Fort Worth Movers

777 Main St, Fort Worth, TX 76102
(Not yet rated)

Snow Hd & Son House Moving

12155 Business Highway 28, Fort Worth, TX 76179

A 1 Lewis Moving

11205 Pleasant Wood Ln, Fort Worth, TX 76140
(Not yet rated)

A Ace It Movers

4408 Village Creek Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76119
(Not yet rated)

A-Excellence Us Movers

3615 Arrow Ln, Fort Worth, TX 76114
(Not yet rated)


8533 Bonnet Ct, Fort Worth, TX 76131
(Not yet rated)

Absolute Steam Cleaning & Moving

1500 Northpark Dr # 150, Fort Worth, TX 76102
(Not yet rated)

Across The USA Piano Moving

5735 E Lancaster Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76112
(Not yet rated)

Alliance Relocation Service

1836 Mony St, Fort Worth, TX 76102
(Not yet rated)

Americas Bravest Moving Company

Fort Worth, TX 76110
(Not yet rated)

Latest Reviews

Atb Moving Brian 5 Sep 2014 The absolute worse experience that you could possibly have wit... The absolute worse experience that you could possibly have with a company no kidding. The owner tried to bully me in paying for charges for the drive to residence and pay for the time to go to the next job which is unheard of. He threatened to take and destroy my belongings if I did not pay for the bogus chargers. One of the gentleman smoked inside my residence and clogged the toilet while he was there. The movers looked like they were out of prison and bullied my friends into a tip. I could not imagine a worse experience and I am glad my wife and kids were not there because I would be scared to have them around these type of people. 1.0000
Atb Moving Addison, TX 75001
The absolute worse experience that you could possibly have wit...
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Posted by Brian on 5 Sep 2014
Condor Moving Systems Jimmy P. 15 Aug 2012 I donít even know where to begin in this total nightmare. We h... I donít even know where to begin in this total nightmare. We hired Condor Moving Systems in Arlington, TX. to move us from Texas to Oregon. When my fiancť called, she talked to a guy named Mario. While discussing our options, she specifically told Mario that we had heard that some moving companies are actually brokers and do not own their own fleet of trucks. We did not want our belongings to be switched from truck to truck simply because the more it is handled, the more likely it is to get damaged. Mario told us that they were not brokers and that the 18 wheeler that showed up at my door would be the same truck that would carry our belongings to Oregon. We continued calling moving companies and getting estimates but we kept Condor Moving Systems in our minds as an option. Mario had specifically asked us if they would be able to park an 18 wheeler outside of our house. We said, "Yes." That question led us to believe that an 18 wheeler would be showing up at our door. We were shocked when a 26 foot truck showed up at our door. This truck would go & unload our belongings to another facility where they would be unloaded and then reloaded onto the 18 wheeler heading out to Oregon. We were never told that this would happen. We wouldn't have agreed to having our belongings switched from truck to truck. The Guy that arrived with the small truck (and his crew) have so far been the only people at Condor Moving Systems to follow through on their promises. My fiance called Condor Moving Systems nearly every day to check on the status of the truck because they would not call us with updates. Every day she got a different eta on when our belongings would be put on the truck for Oregon. After several days, we were told that Condor Moving Systems would be sending our belongings on an 18 wheeler all to themselves. Our belongings wouldn't have to share the 18 wheeler with anybody else's belongings. A few days after pickup, we received a call from Condor stating that we owed them more money because our load weighed more than THEY had estimated. This left both of us scratching our heads. We had already given them a complete list of what they would be picking up. We even called them back several times to edit the list because we sold some things before we moved. We reviewed the list and respective weights prior to pickup and we quickly noticed that almost every item was logged as weighing more than it actually does. We were satisfied because that meant that we were ďcoveredĒ because many of the items weighed nowhere near what they had estimated. This was good. It was determined by Condor that we should have about 80 boxes, aside from all the furniture and other items already on the roster. When it was all said and done, we ended up with about 136 boxes. We were told that this is where the extra weight came from and that Condorís shipping software has built in weight for items and box size. What is an average box? Well, letís go back to grade school for a simple refresher in mathematics. 136 boxes minus 80 boxes leaves 56 boxes. Take the amount we were overcharged (approximately $2500.00) and divide by 56. This gives you a weight of about 46 pounds per box over. Having previously owned a swimming pool, I am all too familiar with what 50 pounds feels like because that is exactly what a canister of chlorine weighs. These boxes did not weigh 46 pounds each. Did we have other items? Of course we did. In fact, we had a total of about 205 pieces total. 136 were boxes and most of the rest was what they gave us an estimate for prior. There were other light weight items as well. Such as plastic vanity waste baskets, 2 aluminum ladders, ice chest, etc. The majority of the weight was pre-determined. Mario gave us a ďmaxĒ monetary figure that we were told would be the absolute worse case scenario. This far exceeded that. It became clear that Condor was out to cheat us and having read others reviews about this company, our suspicions were validated. It seems this bait and switch scam has been in practice for quite some time at Condor. All the way back to 2009 to be exact. The common denominator in almost every complaint is this scam. They are nice and friendly up front and give you a quote based on your inventory and even give you a maximum amount as a worst case scenario. The scam comes in to play when they give you a lowball estimate to get you to commit and call after they have your goods stating that you owe more money because they lowballed the estimate to hook you. If there were just a few isolated claims, I could see where there may have been bad communication or a misunderstanding. However, there are a multitude (many, many) of complaints about this company all over the web and nearly all of them involve complaints about this scam. You also find out after the fact that your belongings are not insured if you pack them yourself. We were told that we could be present during the weighing of the truck. What they do not tell you 1.0000
Condor Moving Systems Euless, TX 76040
I donít even know where to begin in this total nightmare. We h...
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Posted by Jimmy P. on 15 Aug 2012
Ameritex Apartment Movers Stephanie 14 Aug 2012 They are horrible!! Do not under any circumstance use this com... They are horrible!! Do not under any circumstance use this company. A move that should have taken a minimum of 3 hours took these guys 6 hours!! I moved allot of things previously on my own. I just needed help moving the big things. I had everything broken down and ready to load. They sent a small trailer to move me. They did not have the proper equipment to disconnect applicances. They used our tools and all of our tape to wrap furniture. They stopped to get food during the move. They wanted to make small talk and took there time. I downsized to a smaller house because I recently lost my husband. They charged me triple what I should have paid something I could not afford. Rosa the manager was unsympathetic and unprofessional. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! 1.0000
Ameritex Apartment Movers Dallas, TX 75229
They are horrible!! Do not under any circumstance use this com...
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Posted by Stephanie on 14 Aug 2012
Movestar Inc M. Phillips 23 Mar 2012 DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! Their customer service is horrible. ... DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! Their customer service is horrible. I've used them in 1998, 2001, 2005, and twice in 2012. Up until these last 2 moves I would have said they were great. Not now! First they miscalculated how many vaults I would need for storage. After looking at my stuff they estimated 3-4. After they moved me, I was called and told it took 12. They gave me a "discount" and only charged me $630. On the day I moved from storage to my house, it took 4 guys with 2 trucks 9 hours to move the same amount of stuff that it took 3 guys with one truck to move in 6 hours. Something doesn't add up! Also, I realized they did not move my ladder. After calling them, they indeed did find it, but I'm still waiting on it to be returned to me, 3 weeks later. Go somewhere else! 1.0000
Movestar Dallas, TX 75380
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! Their customer service is horrible. ...
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Posted by M. Phillips on 23 Mar 2012
Agape Moving & Storage Co jeff haynes 11 Oct 2011 Agape Moving and Storage showed up on time and worked with a s... Agape Moving and Storage showed up on time and worked with a sense of urgency. I would recomend them to anyone. 5.0000
Agape Moving and Storage showed up on time and worked with a s...
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Posted by jeff haynes on 11 Oct 2011
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